Welcome to my second personal yearly review (the first one is here). 2021 is over. I am now 9081 days old. For my super birthday of 9000 days, I was with my great colleagues in a very nice villa in the south of France.

This article was inspired by the YOLO report, written by Yoann Lopez. It is evolving year over year. I am curious about what it will look like 10 years from now.

So, why is the name AL(L)-IN? My name is ALexandre INukai. In many areas of my life, I try to be “ALL-IN” or not in at all. One of the mantras of my life could be similar to Derek Siver’s idea: Either “Hell yeah!” or “No”.


This year was a nice transition from a lazy student to a chill employee. I try to surround myself with inspiring and loving people. I’ve met a lot of very talented, ambitious, and benevolent people. I’ve clarified my thoughts on how, where, and with whom I want to live my life. I love surfing. I love living in Biarritz and the people over there. And finally, my work-life balance is great.

Fun facts you’ll discover reading this article:

In 2021:

  • I was 6 minutes more productive when I surfed once a day compared to none. #surferentrepreneur
  • I’ve spent approximately 13130 minutes surfing. This is 219 hours, or a bit more than 9 days. #passionsurf
  • I was 19% happier when I drank more than 5 quantities of alcohol compared to none. #happyalcoholic
  • I was “55% happier” with at least 3 people I love than on my own. #happysocialboi
  • I made 453.59€ from 96 deliveries Uber Eats deliveries. #utileetagréable

Why this Year-in-Review Report?

While listening to a podcast between Tim Ferriss and Kevin Kelly, I discovered the quantified self-movement. Since May 25th, 2019, or 952 days ago, I logged many data points daily. I started with 3 data: a description of my day, the location, and how I liked it. At the beginning of 2020, I was tracking 14 data points. I now track 34 of them.

It takes about 5 minutes every morning to log everything. Some back of the napkin math gives us: 5 min * 952 = 4760 minutes. This is 79h and 20 minutes, or a bit more than 3 days. Some could say it is a lot, but for me, it has become a mix between a daily habit and a sort of meditation. The 2 main benefits are to take a step back from the daily routine and to reflect at the end of the year with a bigger picture. More to come soon in another article.

I could keep this article to myself, but I am inspired by many others to “build in public”. If I could inspire at least 1 person with what I do, it would be a huge win. I also hope it will push me to stay accountable to myself and do this for many years.

I love the Naval quote “The three big decisions (of your life) — what you do, where you live, and who you’re with.”. I can’t remember where I heard it first, but it stuck with me since then. This article is a way for me to be sure I make the best decisions in these areas and a few others.


This year I spent most of my time in Biarritz. As I am often explaining, I love the vibe there. It is similar to what I discovered when traveling. Everybody is open-minded, curious, and always up to do something new. People in Biarritz chose to live there. They all have some very different stories and paths of life before coming there.

But first, I started 2021 with my parents in Lyon and in our mountain resort. At first, I didn’t know what I was going to do this year. I was thinking of reading, learning, exploring some personal projects, and delivering some food with uber eats to pay for my rent. The plans changed a lot since then. I took this time to invest in a very nice apartment in Biarritz thanks to the help of my mom. As I was not working, I could push everybody for this project to go faster. It all went well thanks to a good friend over there that could visit one apartment. We made an offer and bought the unique apartment we visited. I am now so happy about it.

During this investment project, my banker asked me for a recurrent income for the period to come. This is when I looked for a few freelance jobs. After too few interviews, I landed a full-time job with Zetoolbox. We automate a lot of stuff. I am very happy about the destiny putting me there.

Lessons from that:

  • Go fast when you want something
  • Take the good opportunities that are offered to you.
  • Life is random.

One of the goals of this document is to make sure that what I did this year is coherent with what I want to do. The feeling metric surely helps towards this. Here is the graph of how I felt during this year. The feeling is on a 10 point scale as most of the other metrics.

The average of the year was 8.18 on 10. This is 1.66 points more than last year. Good, I was happier this year compared to last year. This can be explained by the first lockdown in march/april 2020 which I hated. Globally, this year’s curve is almost always above last year’s one. The small downtime at the beginning of the year corresponds to when I was in Lyon/Corrençon. I wasn’t working at that time. And maybe my life was not “active” and surprising enough.

Another important thing is how important the fluctuations are.

You go on vacations, and you are told that the average temperature is 20°C. Would you prefer a chill 20°C every day? Or one day at 0°C and another at 40°C? Well, it is the same idea in many areas.

Visually, the graph is flatter than last year. This reflects in the standard deviation of the metric. It is 2.45 points and 0.58 points lower than last year.

Showing my feeling according to the day of the week and to the month.

  • My favorite day is Saturday with 8.99 points.
  • My least favorite day is Wednesday with 7.64 points. I like the least the middle of the week.
  • My weekdays average is 8.03. My weekends average is 8.53. This is 0.5 points of difference.
  • I prefer Mondays and Fridays to Sundays.
  • The months I like the most were August, then September and December. I can’t explain why I liked August this much. Biarritz felt overcrowded, cloudy, and with no waves. Maybe my memory is playing me a trick.
  • The month I liked the least was February. No evident reason for that.

I would prefer the week decomposition to be flatter. Unfortunately, having a regular job makes me prefer weekends to the middle of the week. The variance is a lot higher in the Productivity/Work section. My ideal would be to have an occupation that doesn’t feel like work at all.

Now let’s see how my feeling reflects with other metrics.


I now work most of the year from Biarritz in this remote job. I spent 253 days or 69.315% (closest number of days to 69.420% 😂) of the year in Biarritz. The two other places where I spent most of my time were Lyon for 36 days and my mountain apartment in Corrençon for 35 days.

I spent more than a week in only those 3 places this year. I spent a week in Imsouane (Marocco) to work and surf, Paris to see some friends, and the 2 off sites we did with our team.

Counting only the places I spent more than a week at, I was the happiest in Biarritz. Hooray, it is the place where I spend most of my time. The average scores are 8.33 for Biarritz, 7.64 for Corrençon and 6.36 for Lyon. Concerning the places where I spent a week, I always had a great time (except in Paris, for unfortunate conditions).

It is good to move from time to time, but I really love where I live. It feels like holidays every day.


I joined a team of 5 at Zetoolbox in February. We are now 12 building a lot of great tools for SMBs. I am very happy with this choice to work with no-code tools. I helped a lot of very nice people and businesses. The life balance I have is great. It is the best work I can have.

We are remote-based. This is why I can work from Biarritz (or abroad). All the team met two times for a full week together each time. It is also very important to create real bonds together. The first time we went to the French mountains in the Vosges. The second time, we had an exceptional villa in the south of France near Vaison-la-romaine. I loved those moments. They are essential to create this team feeling.

As we are remote, I am often asked how it feels to work far from the team all the time. I feel good about it for various reasons.

We have these 2 weeks together in delightful places. It is a time during which we can create very strong bonds together. During a week, we are more than usual coworkers. We live, eat, work, cook, party and clean together.

On top of that, Zetoolbox pays for the coworking next to my place. Remote working is very different from working alone at home. The people there are all very pleasant. It feels like my “physical” coworkers. It is with them that I will have lunch or take a break. The best part is that we don’t work together, so we don’t have this annoying part where we talk mostly about work.

Aside from my job, I also had 3 side businesses/projects I started or continued this year :

  • A small e-com to sell surf racks
  • This quantified-self work that is always evolving
  • A small website for surfers to list their incomplete fins sets

Everything to say that I organize my work around my life and not the other way round.

So let’s see how this reflects in numbers. I will count an hour as productive when I consider the output useful. For example, I’ve coded something for a client, I’ve learned something new, or I’ve written an article. An hour in front of my computer in a useless meeting won’t count as “productive”.

The average for the year is 4.23 productive hours per day. I am averaging with weekends and without useless meetings. Surprisingly, it is only 6 minutes more than last year. So either I worked more than I thought last year or I worked less than I thought this year.

As I said earlier, I would like to have less difference between weekdays and weekends. The months I worked the most were December, June and April. The months I worked the least were January (outlier as I was not employed), August, and November. Even though I didn’t have a job in January, I had 60% of the maximum productivity of the year. I worked 160 hours in December and 97 hours in January.

I created this funny graph to see how productive I was related to the number of surf sessions I had. Sorry but not sorry dear colleagues 😅. The result is very interesting. I was as productive when I had 1 surf session as when I had none. As Yvon Chouinard says: let my people go surfing (but only once a day). When I had 2 sessions, I was 24% less productive. And for 3 sessions and working, I don’t even know how I did it… I guess it was a day off from work. Thinking of it now, some weekdays with 2 sessions were probably off as well. This metric might be a little biased but anyway.

At one point during the year, I started to track how satisfied I am with my job. If one day I’ll see this curve going down, it will be time to take action. For the moment I am very happy about my job and the curve is upwards. The year average is 5.85. We’ll see next year how it will evolve.

Friends & Family

Enhancing relationships was one of my objectives this year. I have managed to reach 87% of the objectives I had.

I’ve spent a long time with my parents at the beginning of the year. Then, I saw them 2 times when they came to Biarritz and when I went back to Lyon for Christmas. I was very happy seeing them, even though it is always calmer when I am with them.

Unfortunately, I saw my childhood friends only 2 times this year. I wish we spend good times together as back in time, but it is not easy. They are now settled in their life in Lyon. On top of that we used to party a lot together, but this year was pretty special about that. I wish they come to Biarritz to discover my life.

About my engineering school friends, we spent some nice time together. We went to my ski place in January and to Marseille (where we studied) in September. Same as the year before, we met for a birthday in November near Compiègne. This ended up in a paintball western-style duel and a lot of fun.

I also like to give to the people I love around me. I usually don’t cook a lot for myself, but I am always happy to cook for others. My colleagues name me the no-code baker as I cook them a lot of cakes during our off-site. Cooking for friends is a very good way to share a good time. I was close to cooking for my friends once a week this year.

I met a lot of nice and inspiring people this year. I don’t know if it is a good thing to categorize some of them as ambitious but anyway. I consider ambition as entrepreneurial ambition. I’ve met 5 special people I’ll try to create stronger bonds with.

This year was also special as I broke up with someone that counted a lot for me. We had a lot of great times. I am very glad that she now knows what she wants. I wish her to be very happy wherever she is. Small fact: we spent 104 days together this year.

We, humans, are social animals. This reflects very well in the graphs above.

  • I’ve spent only 30 days on my own which is less than 10% of the year.
  • Spending the day on my own I appreciate the day as a 5.46
  • I’ve spent 100 days with 1 quality interaction with a friend of mine or less.
  • I spent two-thirds of the year with people I love.
  • I was “55% happier” with at least 3 people I love than on my own.
  • The more I was with people I love, the happier I was.
  • The difference is not very significant between one and more than three.
  • I’ve phoned 196 friends/family this year.

Sports/Physical Activities/Health

For me, there are 3 main pillars to stay healthy: exercising, sleeping and eating. I track those with 17 different metrics. Some external factors can also impact health, such as the alcohol input (which I measure) and the drug intake (which I won’t talk about). A good indicator of global health is the resting heart rate. I measure it with a Fitbit 3. So, let’s deep dive into the different analyses.

Sport is so important to stay healthy. I try to do the most sports I can. Usually, I’ll go for a surf but if I can’t, I’ll play some Pelote Basque next to my place. And If I can’t do both of those, I’ll go for an Uber Eats bike ride. As we say in French, “il faut joindre l’utile à l’agréable”. Fun fact: I made 453.59€ from 96 deliveries during the year.

In 2021, I only had 6 fewer days with sports compared to 2020. This is very constant. When I did some sport I had a feeling of 8.75. When I didn’t, this metric went to 7.5. With no surprise, I am happier when I do some sports!

This year I had more than 220 days with a good sport session. Meaning I had more than 6 days out of 10 doing some sports, and some sports I like! Between June and September I had more than 22 days of sports per month. More than 5 times a week!

There is not a so big difference between the day I am the least active (Tuesday) and the day I am the most (Sunday/Monday). This is good, and I wish it to stay like that.

I also track a lot of my surfing sessions. I am also thinking to do a side project in data and surfing. But this might be for another time. So this year I had:

  • 191 sessions of ski or surf
  • 174 surfing sessions
  • 139 days of surfing (I can have 2 or even 3 sessions during the same day)
  • In total, I’ve spent approximately 13130 minutes surfing. This is 219 hours, or a bit more than 9 days.
  • I tried 26 different spots. 24 of them in France and 2 in Marocco.
  • I tried 18 different boards. Of these 18, 12 were mine. (Wow, this is a lot! It is also fun to try a lot of boards while buying and reselling them for a bit of extra cash.)
  • The average session score was 5.48.
  • The spot where I surfed the most was the Grande plage in Biarritz. Then it was la côte des Basques next to my coworking and Pavillon Royal in Bidart.
  • The best surfing months were September through November.
  • Another highlight of the year was a last-minute trip with my friends to see big wave surfing in Nazaré. If you want to discover what we saw, you can watch the video my friend made.

I had a lot of fun combining surfing with my life and my friends here in Biarritz. Let’s hope that the year to come will be as much fun as this one.

This year I’ve slept on average 7 hours and 8 minutes per night. On top of that, I had 185 naps. The total sleep time was 7 hours and 20 minutes per day. This is 30.5% of the year or 111.5 days in total. This is a lot, and this is important… I’m always surprised by people who say they love to sleep. I love to be energized but not to sleep.

About my naps schedule, they are most of the time a power nap of 20 minutes. I often wake up before my 20-min alarm. This year I had 185 naps. What surprised me is that last year I had 288 naps! I can’t remember doing so many naps! The total sleeping time is the same as last year.

Same as for the feeling, the average is interesting but the standard deviation is even more. My sleep standard deviation is 1 hour and 15 minutes. This seems like a lot. I feel like my life is too full and too uneven for me to have a balanced sleep every night. It is not good for my sleep to wake up at 5:30 to surf.

I sleep 30 minutes more from Sunday to Monday than from Friday to Saturday. Too much party and too much surfing on Saturday mornings. The sleep time is balanced between the days. I don’t sleep more during the weekend.

During the year, I’ve slept 45 minutes more every night in August than in November. If all those numbers could be above 7 it would be great. I often wake up without an alarm, but maybe I could do it even more.

This one is for the fun of the naps. I’ve heard about polyphasic sleeping in a Tim Ferriss podcast. I’ve done many experiments and I stuck with the one power nap a day. More is too hard socially and with my life.

Funnily, I’ve had fewer naps on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Too many meetings at work? I had more naps during weekends but not that much. During the year, I had more naps during the year-end than at the beginning of it. No explanation about that.

I also have a metric where I rate my night quality. It is subjective but in the long run, it can mean something. With no surprise, I have bad sleep on Fridays after I party. The rest of the week is very even. During the year, I had a very stressful month of October as I knew that something was going badly with someone I cared about. This is life. It is now in the past and I sleep well again.

So now let’s link this sleep quality to my alcohol consumption (stupid me, I know..)

With no surprise, I‘ve slept way worse when I drank 4 quantities of alcohol or more. Interestingly, there is no big difference between no alcohol and 1. So one beer is good and then finito.

Let’s now analyze my global alcohol consumption.

  • 202 days without alcohol 😇
  • 163 days drinking alcohol 👿
  • 817 alcohol units (25cl of beer or a glass of wine is 1 unit of alcohol) or an average of 2.24 units per day..
  • Meaning that when I drink it is usually more than 5 units of alcohol… 🥲
  • On average 4.81 units on Saturdays
  • On average 4.04 units on Fridays
  • On average 0.39 units in February
  • A big spike in May/June, probably when the bars reopened.

This is quite a lot of alcohol… On top of that, the standard deviation is pretty high. As in many areas of my life, I either don’t do it or do it fully… Let’s hope that I’ll drink less next year, but I’m not sure about that.

At least there is something good about drinking, I’m happy the days I drink and the more I drink the happier I am 😂 I am 19% happier when I drank more than 5 quantities of alcohol compared to none. Let’s hope that I am happier of the people I drink with than of the alcohol itself…

I write down all the food I eat, but without the quantities. I still don’t know how to analyze it. Maybe, I’ll drop this part from my logs next year. However, something important I track is my intermittent fasting hours and my weight.

Concerning Intermittent fasting, I tried to experiment a bit with one meal a day or low-carb diets, but I’ve abandoned those. I stick with 2 meals a day (and some carbs).

This year, I had:

  • 21 breakfasts.
  • 188 days during which I ate in an 8-hour window or less. This metric was at 210 last year. Let’s do better next year
  • 199 days when I ate some bread (so 🇫🇷)
  • 197 days when I ate some cheese
  • 117 days when I ate at least one chocolatine
  • 47 days when I ate some ratatouille or more than once every 8 days.

Next year, eat more vegetables, more fruits, and fewer carbs, please.

I feel that health relies on 3 big pillars which are sleep, nutrition, and physical activity. I try my best to have decent sleep, good nutrition, and a lot of intense physical activity. Thanks, I’m not too much injured.

The 2 main indicators of good health would be the resting heart rate and the glucose level. I track the resting heart rate with a Fitbit charge 3. For the moment I don’t track my blood glucose level, maybe soon.

My average pulse was 63.08 in 2021. This is 1.76 points above last year. The small spikes seem to be when my body told me that I was sick (or maybe it was when I drank a lot, as when the bars reopened in May/June)

Concerning my feeling about my health, it was extremely good. The average was 9.77. This is 0.56 points above last year. There is no big downtime compared to last year when I think I’ve had a hard injury.

Let’s hope it will stay as good next year.


Meditating is now part of my routine. I wake up, I meditate for 5 minutes, and then I log my data. I meditate less on weekends as I do some different things (or maybe I’m just too drunk to be in shape to meditate). I meditated 285 days during the year. This is 7 days more than in 2020.

Tracking my Digital Life

This is one of the most important metrics I consult every week. This year I’ve spent:

  • 160 minutes or 2 hours 40 minutes on my phone on average… And this is not counting the time on calls.
  • This totals to 971 hours, or more than 40 days…
  • 128 days using my phone less than 2 hours
  • 50 days using it more than 4 hours
  • The standard deviation of my phone time usage is 70 minutes. This is quite a lot

I use a lot my phone… Imagine how many millions I could have made using those 971 hours productively. Since I started my job mid-February, I use less and less my phone (probably to use a lot more my computer). At least the trend is downwards. Let’s hope that the next year averages under 2 hours.


This year I’ve had a decent number concerning my discoveries and learnings. I have:

  • read 10 books
  • read 389 articles
  • listened to 232 hours (nearly 10 days) of podcasts
  • wrote 6 articles

It could be better, but I am pretty happy about those statistics. I would be happy to keep them at least at this level next year. I would especially want to write more. I don’t think that I am good at it, but I feel it is an excellent exercise to clarify your thoughts and express them clearly.

This year, I’ve read 10 books.

  • 3 of them are from the GOAT Nassim Nicholas Taleb and especially the 2 I liked the most.
  • 4 of them are fiction. I loved the three body problem as a SF book. I’ll read the next ones soon.
  • 1 is about surfing

This is quite a nice list. I guess I needed a small break from personal development books that share more or less the same idea. I dived in (and loved) the ideas of Taleb with a lot of statistics and maths. I also read some famous fiction books. Fiction can teach as much as non-fiction.

What’s next on my reading list for the year to come:

  • Fountainhead by Ayn rand
  • The Sovereign Individual by James Dale Davidson
  • The Dark Forest and Death’s End by Liu Cixin
  • Principles for Dealing with the Changing World Order by Ray Dalio
  • The Lessons of History by Will and Ariel Durant

I’ve listened to 232 hours of podcasts. This is about 38 minutes a day. I listen to a lot of podcasts while on my own driving or cleaning my place, for example. Here is my list of favorite podcasts and why:

  • All-in podcast. First the name! Second, it is a lot of fun to listen to 4 friends discussing the world, politics, tech, science, and poker nights.
  • The farmspot (in 🇫🇷). Two friends discussing the world of startups with a lot of cryptos and NFT’s. They are full of great ideas. As they say, listening to their podcast might be the best and fastest way to dig the internet. They do it for you and then share their learnings.
  • Indie Makers (in 🇫🇷). A great podcast to discover various stories about the solopreneur way of life.
  • The Tim Ferriss Show. It is so interesting to see Tim Ferriss evolve with time. He still does some great podcasts, especially this year as he dug more into the crypto/decentralized world.
  • Lex Fridman podcast. Fascinating podcasts about a wide variety of subjects from politics to tech and love.
  • The knowledge project with Shane Parrish.

I hope to discover some more podcasts next year. I’ll try to listen a bit more. The objective is 45 minutes a day.

About understanding the world and our life:

About money, finance, or investing:

About intelligent investing:

Some Youtube inspirations:

  • Jamie O’brien for his “best day ever” everyday vibe
  • Ulysse Lubin for his great curiosity and how he shares it. He is for me the French Tim Ferriss.

Side Projects

I had a few side projects this year. This reduced a lot as I passed a lot of time on my full-time job.

  • I’ve sold many surf racks on an ecom and directly to consumers on the French craigslist. I’ve made 300€ on my website and 2500€ selling direct. But most importantly, I’ve learned a lot of business skills. I’ve made my Shopify website. I’ve created some FB ads. I’ve managed the social media accounts. This was all on my own. Last but not least, I’ve met a lot of very nice people who love surfing. This might be a trigger to some more surfing entrepreneurship.
  • I’ve created a sort of database to connect people having a missing fin in their fin set. (Personal problem, you know). The next step would be to make it compulsory for people to add a photo of the fin they have/are looking for. I would do this using Airtable and Softr.
  • Digging and investing in the crypto space. The farmspot podcast helps a lot to dig the internet faster. I also love the Blackpool project.

Next year I hope to:

  • sell at least as many surf racks as this year (if the supplier’s price is still ok)
  • Transfer the fin project to Softr and promote it more
  • Invest more into crypto
  • Launch a template of my Quantified self process.

My personal Finances

My investments of the year are now only a very tiny fraction of my total portfolio. On top of that, I didn’t have a lot of time to dig very early projects.

  • Starting the year with a basis of 100, I’ve ended the year with 148.
  • 54% is in Tesla stocks
  • 40% is in ETH and BTC
  • 3% is in a blackbool finance ($BPT)
  • 3% is in other projects.

I would like to pass 25% of my portfolio to way riskier assets. I feel that what I invested in is now too safe.

Retrospective of my 2021 objectives and 2022 objectives

This objective is a little biased, as when I wrote it, I didn’t think I was going to have a job. I did a little money from freelancing and my rack sells. Clearly, most of my time was given to my full-time job. It will be the same for next year. A surprising fact is how little I could invest even though I had a regular salary. and some side income.

Next year, I’ll merge this objective with the side projects one. I’ll rename it as independence instead of financial independence. The objectives are:

  • Save, and invest at least €6,000 or about €500 per month
  • Earn 300€/month or 10€/day from freelance or side businesses
  • Get to 25% of my portfolio in highly risky assets (NO TSLA, NO BTC, NO ETH)
  • Launch/Improve 3 surfing projects (RackOne, Le retour de la dérive, another one?)

I did very well on this one as it is one of my passions. It is also the reason why I came to Biarritz. I didn’t think I would be able to surf nearly 200 times in a year. This is crazy. A lot of big wave surfing (and a small injury at the end of December…). I’m fan of big wave surfing, I enjoy the focus you need to have out there. Any moment of distraction or any error, and it can end up badly for you or someone else. Unfortunately, no clean tube where I had the vision and I could get out. A few foiling sessions, but this is not a sport I’m passionate about. It is too chill for me.

For next year, the objectives are:

  • Do 180 sessions of surfing/foiling/skiing
  • Do 15 “big wave” sessions (+2m more or less)
  • Surf a tube

As every year, health is a real focus:

  • I fast as much as I can. I had 187 days when I ate on an 8-hour window.
  • I exercise a lot, 223 days during the year.
  • I still eat a lot of processed food and carbs. I only had 37 days without those. I clearly need to be more strict with my alimentation, but I also like to enjoy food. Especially as I was eating nothing except pasta for a long, long, very long time.
  • As explained in the alcohol section I “rarely” drink but when I drink it is a lot… Maybe there should be an objective on both.
  • I wasn’t able to fast this year. Maybe next year. Let’s start with 3 days more regularly.

For next year, the objectives are:

  • Eat on an 8-hour window or less for 5 days a week or 260 days in total
  • Exercise 5 times a week or 260 times in total
  • No processed food for 3 times a week or 156 days in total
  • 208 days without alcohol or drink maximum 3 times a week
  • Eat some vegetables at least 5 times a week or 260 days in total
  • Fast for 3 days in a row 2 times

The life balance is very good, especially in Biarritz. I meditated quite a lot with my morning routine. Let’s do the same next year. Even though I’ve reached my objective, I would like to be less on my phone next year. Let’s make this harder. Sleep is important. The probable main reason for my bad nights is alcohol. Let’s improve alcohol consumption and sleep at the same time.

For next year, the objectives are:

  • Meditate 6 times a week or 312 days in total
  • 3 days a week being less than 100 minutes on the phone or 156 days in total
  • 4 days a week with a work satisfaction of good or excellent
  • 4 days a week grading the night quality as excellent or 208 days in total

I was a bit under my objectives for this one. This was due to my full-time job that I didn’t think of doing. Let’s rethink them for the year to come.

For next year, the objectives are:

  • Read 12 books or 1 per month
  • Read 547 articles or newsletters, equal to 1.5 per day
  • Write 12 articles or 1 per month
  • Listen to 45 minutes of podcast a day or 274 hours in total

Social life and friends are one of the 3 pillars of my balance life (where, what and with who). I did pretty well on those. Even though I could see my family and childhood friends, I try to work on some other aspects of our relations. I am very happy to often cook for people I love. I also met some very inspiring people. Let’s hope I’ll still be in touch with them for the time to come.

For next year, the objectives are:

  • Spend quality time with my parents 3 times
  • Spend quality time with my childhood friends from Lyon 2 times
  • Spend quality time with my friends from engineering school 5 times
  • Cook for my friends once a week or 52 times in total
  • Meet (or improve relationship) with 3 inspiring and ambitious people

Not a lot of time was allocated to this part this year. Next year, it will be merging this with The road to independence.

I wrote 6 articles this year. 4 were for my company and 2 are on my medium. I would love to write some more especially about my special way of living my nomad life.

Medium Term Plans

For the moment, my medium-term plan is to enjoy my work-life balance. I’ll go for a few months to Brazil and work from there. Then, I will stay from April to at least November in Biarritz. And then who knows what? I’m thinking of going further away, maybe to Hawaii or Tahiti. As usual, I’ll work and surf there. Or I’ll stay in Biarritz because life is so nice there.

I’m pretty sure 2022 will be greater than 2021. Every day will be best day ever and 2022 will be best year ever! Let’s hope for a lot of learnings and funny surprises.

I wish you the best,


PS: feel free to contact me by any means. I would love to hear your feedback. And if you read it up to here, I would be so happy about you giving it a 👏👏👏.

Lifelong learner to improve the quality of our day to day experiences.

Lifelong learner to improve the quality of our day to day experiences.